Preparing for a launch is essential for its success and to avoid unexpected problems.
Movint logistics engineering offers its services collectively or separately. Therefore, once the preliminary planning phase is contracted (if the client considers it appropriate), we offer a service characteristic of our company and not typical of other logistics consultancies; this is the Technical support for the launch.

Considering that usually carrying out a launch is done while carrying out the daily activity of any logistics platform, our fundamental task for the technical support service is to assist in maintaining the organization and the criterion of this launch, as well as help resolve conflicts during its execution, with the main aim being to implement the new activity in the planned time limits and conditions, without impinging on the company’s current activity.

To this end, it is necessary to participate in staff training on managing the flow of goods and on the most efficient way to use the facilities.

This logistics service of technical support includes having an expert in launch management and coordination, who will be present at the client’s facilities to assist the staff carrying out the launch, providing solutions and ideas that are necessary during the process, in a schedule arranged with the client.