Our main objective as a logistics engineering firm is to offer all our clients good solutions. To that end, in some cases it is necessary to adapt to particular needs; to this end, we created “special services”.
With our experience, it is easy for us to adapt to the client’s circumstances and conduct unusual studies or studies on very commented on areas, in order to meet these needs and thus reach our objective: “to give our clients the best services.”

In some cases, the special services that we have been hired for have been:

  • Monitoring and control of the launch of teams contracted by the client.
  • Design and execution of a palletizing plan of all the references of the client in question.
  • Preparing current site maps
  • Advisors exclusively for negotiating the purchase of equipment goods for the new facility.

In each case, the client’s needs and the level of service are outlined, this being a service that allows clients to have Movint as a logistics consultant at the level they deem appropriate to meet their needs.