From our perspective as a logistics consultancy, in the area of the launch, we can discern two distinct phases in our services: planning and technical support for the launch.

In the first phase before the launch, the role of logistics engineering is to plan and organize the launch process, which is usually at the very least burdensome for any company, if it must continue performing its daily activities, which is usually the case.


Assistance and advising regarding the launch process, carrying out the tasks of staff training on managing the flow of goods and on the most efficient way to use the facilities are fundamental aspects to work in the planning period.

Our service in this area of action offers an explanatory file indicating all the client’s needs, so that the star up is carried out correctly, with proper planning. This includes the client submitting a checking scheme before the execution of the launch so that it can validate the explanatory file.

The checking scheme is an important instrument, since it allows the client to check that all points of the launch process are correct.


It refers to aspects such as:

  • Checking the computer system.
  • Warehouse map.
  • Human resources.
  • Technical resources.
  • Working hours during launch period.