In line with keeping our clients’ facilities in perfect condition, once the project implementation is complete, or simply to prevent deterioration and to keep their centers up to date, Movint offers a basic maintenance service, or a logistics action plan with a deeper vision.

The logistic maintenance service consists of fieldwork and other internal work, in which through previously set regular visits with our client, a diagnosis of the physical condition and of the working methodology of each and every one of the departments that make up a distribution center are established.
The objective of this is to keep the physical facilities in good conditions, and at an operational level, to establish criteria and timetables for action that allow center’s logistical operating procedures to be maintained , and , if possible improved on.
Our maintenance service is flexible it is adapted to client needs, either due to difficulty or to level of investment possible. We achieve this with more or less frequent periodicity levels.

As we noted in the LAP (Logistics Action Plan) tackling maintenance more deeply, with the objective of making improvements and preserving the Center’s good condition. To do this, the Logistics Center’s current activity is audited, analyzing the individually processes, leading to an EFFICIENT Global System, through the synergies of the processes. Focussed on maximizing spaces and process optimization.

MONITORING / AUDITORÍA of the current facility in order to:

    • Determine OPTIMIZABLE AREAS by numeric variables.
    • Propose productive optimization improvements.
    • Provide / define INDICATORS for making decisions.


Structuring in different AREAS:

  • PROCEDURAL:Revision of the operative circuit of the Logistics Center’s activity.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES: Description of human resources available.
  • EQUIPMENT: Revision of the technical resources used.
  • PRODUCTION: Revision and analysis of productive variables and of the activity.

Implementation and monitoring of defined IMPROVEMENTS.