The logistics consultancy aims to offer clients full service. Its objectives are:

  • Handling their consultations on a logistic level.
  • Offering them solutions and provide ideas for improvement on consultations arising from the current storage situation at the level of operative logistics consultations, purchases of new materials/technology to implement, etc.

In each case, the level of service the client deems appropriate is delimited. This is more or less flexible depending on their needs. To this end, we can make all our human and technological resources available to them.

Some of the clients who have purchased this service have used Movint’s resources, for precise advice on contracting, obtaining more favorable conditions in their purchases of equipment goods, in addition to our Management and Development department’s specialized monitoring. Others have considered it useful have the support of our technical department, to outline several alternative scenarios that are possible in implementations prior to being managed by their expansion departments.

The Movint team is at your service, to help you accurately with the specific aspects of storage logistics that you deem appropriate.