Movint Movint is made up of a team of professional advisors who are experienced in logistics, which allows great flexibility and adaptability to any project.

We apply logistics to our processes and organizational criterion, maintaining a constant linear flow in the creation and execution of each consultancy.

Through our sales department, we keep in contact with our clients, we convey their needs to the various departments and we follow each project to ensure the client’s maximum satisfaction.

The project’s management and coordination is responsible for supervising the work of each department and providing proposals and solutions that improve the facility and ensure the project’s viability, making sure planning is fulfilled at all times.

The systems department determines what the best solution for your needs is. This department manages, executes and coordinates data collection, analyzes the processes and statistics of each case and actively participates in the launch of the actions if the project so requires.

The technical department carries out and runs the project with plans or animations, or through any other means that facilitate understanding and decision-making for the final project.

Finally, the management and development department is responsible for contracting teams, coordinating and unifying all the offers from different suppliers and drawing up comparative tables that facilitate the selection of the best option. They are actively involved in the Draft project phases, conducting cost estimate studies. They also participate in the launch, supervising and coordinating the implementation of all contracted logistics equipment, whether they are conventional or robotic systems.