Hiring personnel to carry out the Project manager role is not an easy task, since, although the market offers this type of profile, the additional experience in the execution of specific logistics projects makes the role of Movint is indirectly a guarantee of success. We have qualified personnel for this task, and we provide the added value of the supervision that Movint offers with the Project manager service.

Our Project Manager technical specialists have extensive experience in organizational skills, leadership, negotiation and problem identification.

Some of the specific jobs we do as a Project manager are: advice on equipment coordination, planning and start-up support both in and on site.

We advise our clients in the contracting of equipment. We coordinate the equipment, facilities and machinery until their implantation and start-up; from its tender, study of supplier budgets, comparative tables, negotiations, drafting of contracts, planning of supplies and work certifications and invoice validation.

We provide advice in planning and physical support of start-ups. Generating an explanatory file of all the tasks to be carried out prior to start-up, with all teams involved, and contingency plans among others. With the aim of checking and minimizing unforeseen to guarantee successful start-up. Considering a start-up usually coexists with the daily activity, our task is to collaborate to maintain the organization and help in the resolution of conflicts during its execution. For this, we have specialized technicians in management and coordination of start-up, being present in the plant to collaborate with the staff, providing solutions and ideas that are necessary during the process, for this it is necessary to participate in the training of personnel for the handling and use of facilities.

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