Consulting is a general service that allows us to fully adapt to the specific needs of our clients, attending, from training needs, logistics maintenance plan, economic feasibility studies, inspection and technical review of racks; and any others that require our experience.

The main objective is to answer queries and offer solutions to improve the current situation of your logistics center, adapting to your needs by putting all our resources at your disposal.

Some of the services that we can offer are the following:

Survey of planes.

Personnel training at different levels: specifically for managers, or generic warehouse personnel in the fields of new technologies and their application, industrial and warehouse logistics applications, stock management and automated processes.

Logistical maintenance to prevent deterioration and keep the plants updated. It involves field and office work in which Movint coordinates the execution of the scheduled tasks through a visit and action plan so that the centers are kept in perfect physical or operational conditions or IT systems.

Economic Feasibility Study in cases where economic analysis is a critical aspect for the possibility of its execution, we make our financial technical (logistical) analysis resources available to provide you all the necessary information in this regard. They have three levels of study: Cost calculation and Recovery of investment, Static feasibility plan and Simulator feasibility plan.

Inspection and technical review of racks to comply with current regulations that require logistics plants to maintain racks in adequate conditions.

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