Transport manager

He directs own transport system that it is contracted or/and outsourced. He managements staff and operation to ensure efficiency and timeliness of incoming and outgoing shipments. He plans and ensure the necessary equipment for stowage, loaging and delivery of products. He is a responsible for scheduling, routing, budget, receipt of consignment notes and negotating contracts.…

Management og logistics software

He managements of technological components of the distribution, understanding of storage operating system, electronic communications system, taking orders systems and support systems. He designes tool to encrease productivity measurements. He devolops systems that support the decision making applied to the analysis and optimizaction of logistics and transport.

Production Manager

He oversees the production plan. He is responsible for the production engineers, the sub-holdes, production operators and plan equipment. He coordinates the scheduling good requirements and the inventory of finished products. He managements costs within the production area.

International Logistics Manager

He workes closely linked with production, marketing and purchase to create supply chains of efficient import and export, in time and cost. He is responsible for the technical management of particularities of international transport: multimodality, complex documentation, diversified customs regulations, develop of distribution strategies and relationships with logistics intermediaries. He functions as a troubleshooter, taking…

Logistics Manager

He covers a range of logistics functions that including warehousing and distribution operations, forecasting, plannning, logistics systems, customer and purchase service. He is responsible for all the personal that work in the area. He directs daily operationss. he coordinates outsourcing operations with logistics supplier and with other partecipants in the supplier chian.

Manager of Integrated Supply Chain

He reviews the procedures and warns the opportunities to improve the fluidity of production, supply, storage, distribution product. He directs actiones to control costs, to reduce errors, to customers service and security. He makes decision that affect the movement, store and the processing of inventory.

Inventory Manager

He develops and implements plans to optimize inventory costs and customer service goals in plants and distribution center. He is responsible for needs forecasting, analyzing movement patterns, product deployment, performance reporting and resolution of errors. He works with purchasing and logistics manager to establish optimun lots of purchase, goals and objectives of inventory turnover.