ABC analysis

It is a distribution of items according to the movement that experiment, also called “turover”. In almost branch is confirmed on the “golden rule” by virtue of to wich with tool of management based on Pareto Law. It is consist of a ranking, in descending order, of a series of items according to annual sales…

Shelves height

IT is height of shelves set, measumared to the upper edge of the top of nivek of that. This height will depemd on the useful lift height that has the forklift is used, the ceiling height and the heights that want to reach for the storage. The useful lift stacker height used must exceed, at…

Lifting useful height

It is measure of distance between the plan of the fork, with the staft fully deployed, and the ground. The effective useful height is,in reallly, less, since we have to subtract the height from the ground to the plan of the fork when it in its lowest position – depending on the model truck, of…

Construction height

It is a measure of the maximum height that it measures the fork with the staft folden small and in repose position. The choise of the construction height is very important when the fork in its work, has crossed doors, entering in folk lift, enter in a closed car or truck, etc… Notes that the…

Chaotic storage

It is the volumetric parameter optimization of any platform, where te definitioni of hollow storage must follow the criteria varied use, ie, the versatility of the positions to be achieved without maintaining fixed locations.


It is a Spanish private institution that contributes to develop Spanish technical standards (UNE). It is open to all interested parties and to represent Spain in the various regional organizations and international standardization.

Materials Manager

He managers inventory of raw materials and/or parts neeeded for production. He is responsible for the livel of input inventory. Coordination with purchasing, production and suppliers to ensure the reliability and efficiency of input provision that permits the production planning. Often he is responsible of the receipt, storage, supply program and international movements.