Push Pull Clamps

Stacker accessory. It takes and carries from 20 to 30 boxes with bottles without palletize them. Generally, this type of accessory is usually equipped with a hydraulic or electro-hydraulic control, in such a way, that can only manipulate boxes of the same class – uniforms. whether metal, wood or plastic. There is also a special…


It is used to catch bullets tissue, drums, barrels, appliances, etc… This is an accessory for the forklift. Its two arms are adapted to the form of the goods to take. The clamp is placed in the appropriate position by hydraulic control that operates the driver of the fork. so such that arms of clamp…

Swing doors

Penduñum. They are flexible double doors, usually plastic, that open by themselves to be pushed by a car-truck-laubched- abd may or not may closed themselves automatically. The clamping force is adjustable.

Preselector heights

Avoid the driver of the truck need to adjust the height of the fork to the desired level. With this advice and using a botton, the desired level is memorized. It is a very useful auxiliary device in the management of large trucks to travel heights.

Pallets pool

They are standardized pallets accepted by the europea “pool” and they have to meet certain technical requirements as a quality, resistance and rigorous measures. The pool pallets have been acceptated and approved by the majority of European transport networks, mainly by the state railways. In general, are going to mark to the side with the…