Equipment that use frequently applied in a multimodal transport to facilities use of warehouse space, protecting the load and the loading-unloading and stowage. They specialize in requirements transporting cargo and transport modes involved.

Driving the induction FILOGUIADO

Fork driven by inductive currents by wire recessed to 10 cm of the ground superface. An alternative current produces a magnetic field that orinted control keys. Two coils guidelines each command, according ti the distance of the wire, producing variations recorded which corrects the direction through the motor.


Horizontal carousels are horizontal rotating cabinets that use the empire space at the plant, since it is not necessary too have corridors and exploit all the available length of the local.

Guide rails

Guided driving permit – forced – the fork into the maneuvering passage in the case of trucks to high lift heights. Thus, the driver does not need to deal with steer and can thus concentrate on your work stevedoring.

Reach fork

It is the medium of movement that it is normally use inside warehouse. It has elevation. They may have some of of the following elements:   height pre-selector: prevents the driver of the fork to need to adjust the height of the hairpin to the desired level. With this apparatus and with a button, the…

Fork for picking – package

Vehicles set up to gather differetn genres to composing customer orders. Buildings and differetn models, mainly based on conveyor forklift to be driven by hand to tiller, tow wheelbarrows, stackers lift and also raiser trucks. xist fork for the preparation of orders to work both horizontally and vertically with device for stand driver or for…