Area stockpiles

It qualifies as such a lower shelf from which the picking is done shelves. With the use of technical aids (forklifts), you can significantly extend the stockpile area and preparation.


Is that part of Supply Chain (Supply Chain comprehensive) that plans, implements and controls the flow of economic storage of raw materials, work in process, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption (client) with related information to meet customer needs.

Vertical closet

With the same philosophy and similar performance to totating cabinets horizontal, vertical storage system are dedigned primarily for high storage medium and small loads.


Exterior elements of climate protection. It helps prevent ingreaa of dirt from outside and reduce the sudden changes in temperature, typical of temerature-controlled areas.


Equipment that use frequently applied in a multimodal transport to facilities use of warehouse space, protecting the load and the loading-unloading and stowage. They specialize in requirements transporting cargo and transport modes involved.