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Quick wins, workshop, monitoring the implementation of corrective measures, support of task force teams, advice on hiring teams and logistics systems, any challenge that requires our experience.




Movint is a multidisciplinary team experienced in logistics that contributes its knowledge to all the logistical challenges that emerge.


We are an SME with the aim of offering a global service from conception to implementation, 35 years of service to our clients guarantee us.

“Movint has worked with Nestlé in our Distribution Center in Girona to implement a redesign of it, both in terms of facilities (which have been expanded: more m2, more docks,…) and in relation to work procedures internal.

During this collaboration experience, I have been able to verify that Movint accredits a great experience in logistics in relation to warehouses and distribution centers: design, logistics solutions, internal processes, … as well as a great knowledge of the sector, which is evidenced in its ability to provide the project with a wide variety of solutions on the market, marketed by all kinds of suppliers.

In turn, I would highlight two aspects for Nestlé have been of utmost value:
1º Open and constructive mentality to permanently provide a positive vision with which to face the difficulties encountered. In this sense, its ability to embark on the project to different people within Nestlé organization, each with their own particular points of view and needs.
2º Its ability to adapt in an agile, constructive and always collaborative way to the modifications made in the project throughout the months, demonstrating a high degree of flexibility for Nestlé has been of great importance.

In summary, I highly value the collaboration with Movint and congratulate them on their ability to add value at all times during our joint work.”

Mr. Albert Lahoz, LEAN Operations NESTLÉ